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7/8/2020 Brandywine Hundred County Library is open with socially distancing safe door-to-door delivery takeout service
11/30/2018 Walker's Bank deemed unsafe, will be demolished
7/24/2018 Councilman announces details of redevelopment at former AstraZeneca site
7/18/2018 We are not developers: Under new ownership the DuPont Country Club will emphasize community
6/9/2018 Bob Weiner Interview: Preserving & Repurposing Brandywine Hundred and Beaver Valley
3/26/2018 Wilmington University will repair historic Red Barn on Concord Pike
3/19/2018 Wilmington University agrees to fix red barn on Concord Pike sooner than previously stated
3/9/2018 New Castle County Councilman Bob Weiner: 'I feel duped' over Wilmington University's treatment of historic barn
1/22/2018 Residents hope for historic home rescue on the Brandywine
7/24/2017 DuPont Country Club sale worries neighbors. News Journal
7/11/2017 Open Checkbook portal seeks to make New Castle Co. government more transparent
7/10/2017 How New Castle County spends your tax dollars; Weiner has long supported openness and transparency
7/6/2017 AstraZeneca sells its 80 acre Fairfax campus to Delle Donne for $50 million; "We're contemplating a mixed use that could involve housing, retail, office space and possibly even a hotel,"
4/21/2017 A low-lying, flood prone portion of Talley Day Park in Brandywine Hundred to become a wetland
4/7/2017 Plan to develop Brandywine Country Club development plan sets stage for rezoning debate - News Journal
3/29/2017 Brandywine Country Club development plan returns
3/12/2017 Councilman Bob Weiner Sponsored County Grant to Help Fund Brandywine School District Orchestra's Carnegie Hall Concert
3/1/2017 WilmU to start building Concord Pike campus
2/3/2017 Preserve DuPont Country Club - Letter to the Editor
2/1/2017 Weiner: “It was the du Pont family’s wealth that protected us for 200 years. But now, it falls on us, the current stewards, to protect and preserve these hallowed landscapes”
1/31/2017 DuPont Country Club hits sales block: DuPont sells its hotel
1/25/2017 Partial redevelopment of Concord Plaza given a green light by county regulators. Here are renderings showing what the apartment and office project will look like.
1/15/2017 Brandywine Hundred historic home to become art space; Councilman Weiner: students will visit Jester County Park farmhouse to learn about our agrarian history; farmhouse could be a hub for local walking trails
1/11/2017 NCCo Council approves development code updates; Weiner: after extensive public vetting process, we can grow responsibly while protecting the sanctity of our traffic infrastructure
1/4/2017 New County Exec Offers Hope; Weiner: new C.E.'s biggest challenge is maintaining services without a tax hike
1/2/2017 NCCo to vote on new development rules; Councilman Bob Weiner: creation of districts with design rules would allow government to work with residents to more clearly define desirable development
12/23/2016 Four of New Castle County's 6 Major Proposed Developments in 2017 are in Councilman Bob Weiner’s Council District 2: Barley Mill Plaza, Brandywine Country Club, Concord Plaza, Hercules Country Club; Weiner: "Vigilance in 2017"
12/19/2016 Odessa National Golf Club owes a half-million dollars in back taxes; Weiner: Taxpayers are angry; there is a simple legislative fix
12/13/2016 Supreme Court; County Can Make Developers Improve traffic; Weiner: Victory for Transparency. Pettinaro likely to float
12/2/2016 Concord Pike: Delaware's retail 'gold coast' - News Journal
11/30/2016 No firm date for stock exchange start; Weiner: We have unsuccessfully requested more information about investments in the company. It is a gamble. - News Journal
10/20/2016 Stoltz sells off last of Barley Mill Plaza land; Weiner: no traffic capacity for intensive use; walkable village preferable
9/28/2016 How would you change Concord Pike? - News Journal
9/21/2016 Local worker rule dies before council debate; Weiner: "The sole beneficiary of this legislation appears to be the trade unions with a mandatory participation requirement." News Journal
9/19/2016 Concord Plaza Redevelopment will bring more homes, shops and restaurants
9/14/2016 Anatomy of an upset: How Meyer downed Gordon - News Journal
8/11/2016 Brandywine Hundred loses funding for Grubb Road sidewalk; Weiner: "Brandywine Hundred citizens have been shortchanged."
7/28/2016 U.S. 202 CAMPUS: Wilmington University gets rare traffic waiver. News Journal
7/22/2016 Wilmington University best choice for Concord Pike site - News Journal Opinion
7/7/2016 Push to redevelop old Hercules golf course begins anew. Weiner: a full review will need to be completed
6/20/2016 Kennett Pike Association - Spring 2016 Newsletter
5/5/2016 Wilmington University project being developed in Brandywine Hundred; Councilman Weiner's ordinance will scrutinize potential traffic impact in advance of vote to approve
4/7/2016 State Supreme Court upholds Greenville land development by Ruly Carpenter
4/3/2016 CSC, home to global companies, investing $100 million in global headquarters; Weiner: we have to balance the need for economic stability with protecting our infrastructure
3/30/2016 Ruling affirms New Castle County power to block sprawl; A Superior Court judge has upheld a controversial New Castle County traffic rule. - News Journal
3/22/2016 Incyte expansion gets approved; Weiner: We keep a wonderful corporation here at former Wanamaker's site; they could have gone anywhere
3/20/2016 NCCo to vote on million-dollar DuPont gift
3/18/2016 New construction in a crowded Brandywine Hundred; rezoning needed for Brandywine Country Club, which is zoned for single family
2/19/2016 Weiner: "Retaining 2 of three DuPont spin off corporate headquarters & the associated high paying jobs is great news; but the news is tempered by our sadness for our many neighbors who lost their jobs."
2/2/2016 Development: Shaping New Castle County's future - News Journal
1/10/2016 Eager builders now target northern New Castle County golf courses. Weiner: "We are just as concerned about potential development of DuPont & Brandywine Country Clubs as we were and are about the Barley Mill site" News Journal Jan. 10, 2015
12/8/2015 New Castle County adds 15 officers; Weiner: "Will we be able to sustain this growth without asking taxpayers to fund an additional tax?"
12/8/2015 NCCo Council fails to override veto of investment board; Weiner voted to support override
12/7/2015 Alan Baseden, Jester Artspace, receives support from New Castle County Councilman Bob Weiner for renovations of Jester Farmhouse in Brandywine Hundred
11/30/2015 NCCo OKs $3 million for stock exchange -News Journal
11/20/2015 New Castle County may use $3 million earmarked for parks on stock exchange
10/29/2015 Concord Plaza set for apartment, retail revamp; Weiner: proposal must be consistent with community character & traffic capacity. - News Journal
10/16/2015 Development next for closed Brandywine Country Club, councilman says
9/30/2015 Council backs away from separate email
9/8/2015 Incyte spending $80 million for former Wanamakers headquarters land; Councilman Weiner: "Our community will benefit from this investment in high-tech high paying jobs"
9/5/2015 Councilman Weiner expresses hope that DuPont Country Club will be protected will be protected by proposed open space law
7/31/2015 Incyte ( in former Wanamaker's Bldg. ) considering 400 high-paying job expansion; Councilman Bob Weiner schedules community meeting - News Journal
7/29/2015 Connect Delaware suburbs, planners say - News Journal
7/23/2015 Corporation Service Co. targets NCCo parking rules; Councilman Bob Weiner, CSC & the community support rules change
7/17/2015 Stoltz unloads $100M in Greenville properties - News Journal
7/15/2015 NCCo animal control audit subject of ethics complaint; Weiner: the ethics code is insufficient to cover the “potential violations” he sees in the emails.
7/14/2015 Ethics panel won’t issue opinion on Auditor Wasserbach's conduct; Councilman Bob Weiner blocked from seeking investigation of Auditor's criminal activity by the Auditor's Council allies
7/14/2015 NCCo Council fails to override veto on email monitoring
7/9/2015 Plan to raze 1799 Forwood school on Silverside road met with traffic concerns
6/19/2015 Councilman Weiner schedules July 8 community meeting to review a developer's proposal for the Forward parcel on Silverside road
6/10/2015 Embattled NCCo auditor files harassment claim; Councilman Weiner continues to seek independent legal guidance for County Council - News Journal
5/21/2015 Redevelopment of former Evraz steel mill site discussed
5/21/2015 Ambitious plan to renovate Evraz Steel site revealed - Delaforum
5/20/2015 Weiner calls for investigation into Wasserbach - News Journal
5/18/2015 Emails: Auditor pushed for animal control investigation - News Journal
5/17/2015 Auditor's emails at center of New Castle County government rift; Weiner: "I am of the opinion that there could arguably be ethical, professional and criminal violations of the law in that email. I want to protect this body"
5/16/2015 Attacks become norm in New Castle County government; Drama in New Castle County government - News Journal
5/12/2015 ‘Delaware Rocks!’ exhibit truly down-to-earth
5/8/2015 Could DuPont Country Club be developed? - News Journal
4/30/2015 Claymont project could add 5,000 jobs - News Journal
4/28/2015 NCCo Council fails to override veto of staff pay raise, Council’s aides make between $41,000 and $61,000 each year
4/12/2015 Council seeks to override veto of staff pay increases - News Journal
4/10/2015 County finishing Greenville design study - News Journal
3/19/2015 New Castle County Council members reflect on the work NCC Land Use G.M. Fogarty has accomplished - Hockessin Community News
3/17/2015 Fogarty to step down as NCCo land use general manager - News Journal
3/6/2015 New Castle County Council seeks own email - News Journal
2/21/2015 Odyssey secures $34M loan; State helps charter school obtain funds for expansion at Barley Mill complex - News Journal
1/2/2015 Wilmington University files Concord Pike plans - News Journal
11/11/2014 Midwestern firm to buy Evraz Claymont Steel, clean it up and redevelop the site
11/1/2014 "Wilmington University plans Concord Pike campus - News Journal
8/7/2014 Odyssey School submits long-term plans for Barley Mill site in Greenville; Councilman Weiner to schedule community meeting to seek community input - Hockessin Community News 8/6/14
8/6/2014 Odyssey Charter eyes Barley Mill for K-12 campus - News Journal
5/29/2014 Weiner: Our new Budget is fiscally prudent; but our county pension is woefully underfunded" Weiner champions more rigorous pension management
5/19/2014 New Castle County Council backs Wagoner's Row plan; Weiner: "Plan's design promotes the byway"
4/2/2014 Del. Supreme Court upholds Chancery Court decision on Barley Mill Plaza Community News
3/27/2014 Supreme Court message to politicians: don't be afraid to pursue any doubts even when the answer comes from your legal advisor or a county representative
3/26/2014 Stoltz Barley Mill rezoning: Delaware Supreme Court unanimously agrees with Councilman Weiner: Traffic data was unlawfully withheld from him - News Journal
3/26/2014 No property tax hike in Gordon's budget proposal - The News Journal
3/25/2014 Missing RFIs delay council video vote again - Hockessin Community News
3/18/2014 Technology Chair Bob Weiner teams up with County Administration to make county gov't more transparent via county website
3/15/2014 Councilman Bob Weiner sponsors tougher ethics legislation to advance transparency, in the aftermath of Barley Mill Plaza - News Journal
3/12/2014 County Council embarrassed by its own own words which failed to prevent Bob Weiner to record and broadcast video of county public meetings - The News Journal
3/6/2014 Supreme Court Chief Justice Strine supports Councilman Weiner; questions Stoltz' lawyers arguments
3/5/2014 Will Darley Green ever deliver community revival in Claymont?
3/1/2014 NCCo: Weiner to hire videographer for March 11 council session
2/18/2014 Delaware Supreme Court will hear Barley Mill zoning case arguments March 5 - The News Journal
2/13/2014 Weiner withdraws for now his intention to video council session 'under protest' for now; Weiner's move was met with broad Council member opposition.
1/23/2014 Traffic at the center of Barley Mill development; The case is before the Delaware Supreme Court on Feb. 19
1/17/2014 Wilmington man charged in brutal Brandywine Hundred home invasion - News Journal
1/17/2014 Hagley Museum and Library celebrates 5 years in 2013 + a record visitor count to its digital archives in 2013 with more than 100,000 visitors.
1/15/2014 Councilman Bob Weiner tables effort to televise meetings to negotiate with City of Wilmington, which already owns and operates its own TV station in the City/County Building - News Journal page B-1
1/15/2014 Targeted policing cut NCCo crime rates, 911 calls; Taps: Setting says top target now is property crime - News Journal
1/15/2014 Weiner tables ordinance to broadcast all county meetings; Council members express concerns with costs, management of content and lengthened meetings. - Hockessin Community News
1/13/2014 Bob Weiner's proposed resolution to televise meetings County scheduled for vote tomorrow. Opposition expresses concerns. - News Journal
1/13/2014 WATCHDOG CAMPAIGN FINANCE Mistrust validated by report ; 'Pay to play' a real fear for residents; Veasey: Greenville suspicions backed up
1/7/2014 NCCo. councilman proposes televised meetings - WDEL
1/6/2014 Councilman Bob Weiner Introduces Legislation To Broadcast All New Castle County Council Meetings
1/2/2014 Proposed ordinance would require legal sign-off on executive legislation - Community News
12/29/2013 Corrupt politics, but no charges Special prosecutor reveals Markell, others helped fuel 'pay-for-play' culture - News Journal
12/18/2013 Councilman Bob Weiner's 5 year old Anti-Graffiti Brigade Gets a Powerful New Partner - Community News
11/16/2013 Incyte signs 15-year lease; New jobs also part of Wannamaker deal - News Journal
11/6/2013 Delaware Supreme Court to hear case dealing with traffic, rezoning issues
10/13/2013 Applied Bank Center, Formerly Rollins Building, Has New Look; Plans Still In The Works
9/23/2013 NCCo police warn of burglars; Several homes hit by 'distraction' break-in teams; "Unfortunately, these individuals mostly prey on the elderly"
9/7/2013 AstraZeneca sells Rollins building; U.S. 202 landmark to be Applied Bank Center - News Journal
9/3/2013 Restaurant Expected to open early next year; Capano developing new Italian eatery; Will neighbor Charcoal Pit along Concord Pike
8/30/2013 New Castle County vote over prevailing wage prompts Friends of Rockwood to bow out; Weiner votes to support Friends of Rockwood
8/30/2013 Appeals abound over Chancery Court ruling on Stoltz - Community News
8/29/2013 36 Hours in the Brandywine Valley -
8/28/2013 NCC approves scaled down Stoltz Greenville Center plan; Stoltz Barley Mill plan remains stalled - News Journal
8/8/2013 Barley Mill Rezoning Fight Enters Round Two; Councilman Bob Weiner denied detailed traffic data before the vote; Judge sides with Weiner
8/7/2013 New Land Use G.M. aims to fix land use system. Weiner: "Previous County Land Use general managers have been pressured to allow politics to color their professional decision-making."
8/7/2013 Greenville rezoning (Carpenter's Row) debated by Planning Board - News Journal
7/19/2013 Judge's Final Order: Barley Mill rezoning vote invalidated because Councilman Bob Weiner was only Councilman to demand...and be denied ... his right to traffic data.
7/2/2013 NCC land use leader Culver let go; Gordon parts ways with veteran official - News Journal
6/11/2013 Court concurs with Weiner: Councilmembers cannot be denied traffic data; Citizens score win at Barley Mill
6/11/2013 Chancery judge rules Barley Mill vote invalid - WDEL
5/24/2013 Robert S. Weiner: Barley Mill Plaza compromise is right move
5/18/2013 COUNTY GOVERNMENT Budget overspending alleged; NCCo Council proposes changes to Gordon’s plan
4/25/2013 New traffic study rules call for longer-range studies; Bob Weiner: We keep pushing the problem down the road - News Journal
4/23/2013 BARLEY MILL PLAZA Hearing's focus turns to traffic. Council misinformed before 2011 vote? - News Journal
4/21/2013 Court considers fate of Barley Mill project in case expected to impact development across Delaware - News Journal
4/10/2013 Weiner: "County Pension Underfunded; taxpayers beware" - WDEL
4/7/2013 Bob Weiner's quick action results to cancellation of secret meetings, which would have violated state Freedom of Information Act
4/5/2013 Gordon seeks to re-balance land-use reins; Weiner: "Previous administrations & their County Council allies stripped the UDC of many community protections." News Journal April 5, 2013
3/31/2013 "New Castle County land-use system, including DelDOT's role in it, is horribly broken," said New Castle County Councilman Bob Weiner
3/28/2013 Speed on Kennett Pike big concern for residents/ Weiner: DelDOT policy is flawed
3/22/2013 Delaware's "first national park" to tell story of early Dutch, Swedish, Finnish & English settlements in Delaware colony. News Journal 3/22/13
3/15/2013 NCCPD Announces Strict Enforcement for Speeders on Old Kennett Road
2/21/2013 Councilman Weiner sponsoring Comprehensive Ethics Reforms - News Journal
11/28/2012 NCC OKs new 911 information system; Councilman/co-sponsor Bob Weiner: "residents can now upload information such as family contacts, medical conditions to a secured website for 911 operators to access"
11/14/2012 County Council good government coalition checks Gordon's powers as term begin - News Journal
11/13/2012 NCCo, Wilmington politicians coalition eyed; Weiner: County Council will be on the lookout - News Journal
11/12/2012 NCCo Council readies two oversight laws; Members prepare defenses as Gordon, Bullock step in - News Journal
11/7/2012 V.P. Joe Biden jokes he may challenge Councilman Bob Weiner in bid for his old County Council seat
11/6/2012 Clark may face early exit as NCCo exec; AG examines state law affecting ballot winner - News Journal
11/2/2012 Concord Pike update
10/25/2012 Law fuzzy on term start for executive, Election winner could take office a week later - News Journal
9/16/2012 "Weiner & Other County Council Members Concerned About Gordon" - News Journal
9/6/2012 Sign clutter flourishes; Weiner: "If the candidate is motivated to adhere to the law, it is not difficult to comply with."
9/3/2012 Antiquities Act of 1906 should bring national park
8/29/2012 National park within reach; Obama could issue declaration; land ID'd
7/29/2012 Developer takes Darley Green dispute to court - News Journal
7/26/2012 Weiner: "Illegal road signs invite crime, lower property values & create visual clutter" News Journal
6/12/2012 We can now preserve scenic & historic Brandywine River valley for future generations - News Journal
6/8/2012 'Friendly foreclosure' planned for Darley Green development - News Journal
6/7/2012 County Administration has new arrangement to deal with idle properties -
4/26/2012 Weiner: "Having felt the stress from trying to obtain public records from the county myself, I can say [Clark new FOIA policy] is a positive step forward," - News Journal
4/24/2012 Audit backs Weiner's complaints of cronyism & fiscal mismanagement at Hockessin PAL - News Journal
4/18/2012 Important Recycling and Waste Disposal News
4/1/2012 Special election changes proposed for New Castle County - News Journal
3/28/2012 Councilman Bob Weiner sponsors top honors for World War II veterans - WDEL
3/15/2012 Stoltz now freed to revert to larger development plans - News Journal
3/14/2012 Montchanin rezone rejected; NCCo votes to keep deed restrictions that prevent more buildings - News Journal
3/5/2012 Bob Weiner comments upon Comp Plan; NCCo looks to expand ways of transferring development - News Journal
2/7/2012 From my kitchen: Councilman shares family recipe - News Journal
2/7/2012 Councilman Bob Weiner schedules Talley Day Bark Park Maintenance Day for April 6
1/18/2012 Groups again split over plans by Stoltz - News Journal
1/18/2012 Brandywine Country Club sold to real estate developer - News Journal
1/14/2012 Possible Democrat & Republican challengers for Clark are on the horizon; Weiner: Clark has high negatives - News Journal
1/11/2012 County Administration planning no tax hike: Weiner: Clark policies weighted too heavily in favor of developers - News Journal
1/9/2012 NCCo growth plan review extended after objections that the public needs more details - News Journal
1/2/2012 Public must be part of discussions on Glasgow skate park - by Councilman Bob Weiner - News Journal Op
12/28/2011 Group sues county over Barley Mill vote; Councilman Bob Weiner said the group's case is "legally correct." - News Journal
12/27/2011 NCCo upgrades online proposed comp plan maps; Councilman, residents still concerned over lack of time - News Journal
12/24/2011 Skate Park: Clark Administration fails to consider costs of defending against potential million dollar lawsuits; guards posted after Weiner expressed concerns - News Journal
12/12/2011 News Journal supports Councilman Weiner's complaint that Clark Administration is not providing public with readable Comp Plan Zoning Maps.
12/11/2011 Councilman Bob Weiner: County Comp Plan maps are so small that potential zoning changes in specific neighborhoods are indetectible - News Journal
11/22/2011 Councilman Weiner's 1998 & 2002 'light pollution' legislation not being enforced by County Land Use Dept - News Journal
11/16/2011 NCCo planners back deed change for Stoltz; Developer intends to build bank on Greenville property - News Journal
11/9/2011 PAL Board director & chairman fired; Weiner to new board: Make good on promises before you get any more bailout tax dollars
11/5/2011 PAL center funds up for vote;Cash-strapped facilities come under fire after critical audit - News Journal
10/27/2011 Claymont library design unveiled -
10/12/2011 Barley Mill plan tabled; Residents pack meeting on proposed shopping complex - News Journal
10/11/2011 Divisive Barley Mill rezoning up for vote; If request is denied, developer may build initial, bigger complex - News Journal
9/5/2011 Stoltz building plan will tarnish heritage; Developer wants restriction lifted - News Journal
8/29/2011 Councilman Weiner organizes community meeting with Nemours Foundation to save the historic Murphy House - News Journal
8/26/2011 Clark is going down the wrong path for redevelopment - News Journal
8/23/2011 Sheriff sales help county dodge deficit; "There will be no tax increases" says Councilman Weiner - Community News
8/21/2011 Homeowners wonder if promised developments will take shape; Councilman Weiner: "Bonds provide limited protection against irresponsible developers who just walk away from a project" - News Journal
8/9/2011 Clark ousts another board member; Weiner: 'Its a pattern to silence all critics' - News Journal
7/27/2011 Bob Weiner's proposal to require developers to pay their fair share of road improvements not supported by County Council - News Journal
7/27/2011 NCC Council passes redevelopment ordinance with no assurances for traffic improvements - Community News
7/20/2011 NCCo redevelopment proposal to go to vote; however many residents prefer Weiner's proposal - News Journal
7/19/2011 Clark ousts "independent thinker" from Planning Board, as described by Weiner - News Journal
7/18/2011 Clashing redevelopment ordinances get hearings - News Journal
7/13/2011 Controversial Redevelopment Ordinance Tabled; Weiner alternative redevelopment draft seeking Planning Board approval - News Journal
7/6/2011 Weiner Redevelopment Proposal gets hearing before Planning Board; Board will vote recommendation July 18 - News Journal
7/5/2011 New Castle County to hear Weiner plans to reform law today - News Journal
6/29/2011 Redevelopment Battle: Weiner and Clark administration battle over key area of land use law - Community News
6/22/2011 Planning board votes against Stoltz; Despite OK from land-use department, vote recommends denial of rezoning - News Journal
6/22/2011 Opposition to CRG-Stoltz compromise encouraged by Planning Board's nay vote - Community News
6/8/2011 Scaled-down Barley Mill plan still runs into stiff opposition - News Journal
6/5/2011 Weiner denounces county legal interpretation denying traffic info to the community - 'A great debate' on Barley Mill expected; Sides to state cases before NCCo board. - News Journal
5/18/2011 NCC ethics panel budget restored:Board votes against Clark Administration 'paper redevelopment' ordinance; Weiner draft still pending - News Journal
5/14/2011 Weiner & other Council members are critical of Clark's decision to trim County Ethics Commission budget - News Journal
5/13/2011 Stoltz projects knock down a big obstacle; NCCo Board of Adjustment approves all requested zoning variances - News Journal
5/11/2011 Councilman Weiner questions residency of Land Use manager Dave Culver - Community News
5/4/2011 Residents skeptical of New Castle County "paper redevelopment" ordinance at Planning Board hearing; Weiner also opposes it & introduces tougher alternative - News Journal
4/12/2011 Boy Scout kept momentum for road sign from flagging - News Journal
4/10/2011 Talley Day Park entrance road to be dedicated to Joseph Day on Sunday April 10, 2011
3/28/2011 Despite promises, Murphy House likely to meet its demise; Saving 1840s structure too costly, Nemours says - News Journal
3/25/2011 Commonwealth Corp site choosen as site for Claymont library; Donated 7.5-acre property picked after lengthy debate - News Journal
3/24/2011 NCCo Administration decision to locate Claymont County Library on Darley Green 7 acre parcel on Darley Rd in the "crescent" park across from Woodshaven County Park
3/15/2011 Revised NCCo redevelopment code draws ire; Misuse will continue, critics say - News Journal
3/13/2011 Weiner Proposes Curb on Abuses of "Paper Redevelopment"
3/9/2011 New Castle County Council Signals Truce - News Journal
3/8/2011 Fracture dividing NCCo council shows no signs of healing - News Journal
3/4/2011 Project targets NCC sewage overflows; Homeowners to get help removing illegal hookups - News Journal
3/2/2011 NCC Council members say absences weren't coordinated; Kovach being punished for winning election - News Journal
3/2/2011 Stoltz pact leaves rift in group - News Journal
2/26/2011 Deal finally forged on Stoltz projects - News Journal
2/25/2011 Councilman Bob Weiner Alert: CRG Negotiations with Stoltz
2/25/2011 Clark proposes to cut 5% option on county pension plan fro new employees; Kovach & Weiner: Good start, but more is needed - News Journal
2/23/2011 Weiner: Council's Conduct Lacks Openess & Transparency; Governor's Square bill passed, but remains in limbo - News Journal
2/22/2011 County Council may soon be streaming its meetings on the internet - WDEL
2/19/2011 NCC Executive Clark's attorney wife will resign; Will Scott's next employment still be a conflict? - News Journal
2/18/2011 NCC Ethics Commission says conflicts inevitable for Paul Clark; No way to avoid conflict/County Attorney still serving dual role - News Journal
2/10/2011 Council was tricked into voting on half the approval of Governor's Square - said NCCo Councilman Bob Weiner - News Journal
2/9/2011 NCC keeps lights on for PAL; $101,000 utility payment allows centers to stay open until April - News Journal
1/27/2011 Delaware PAL seeks money from taxpayers to pay power bill; Weiner: Taxpayers shouldn't be stuck paying bailout for PAL. PAL Board should be replaced - News Journal
1/24/2011 Councilman Weiner's 2007 proposal to complete sidewalk along Foulk Road planned for completion this spring - Community News
1/18/2011 Road to park now honors Brandywine Hundred family - News Journal
1/15/2011 Kovach victory seen as message; Council members say Clark was issue - News Journal
1/5/2011 Financial realities demand NCCo change unsound ways - Delaware Voice by Dace Blaskovitz
1/5/2011 NCCo transition team dissident is right -- budget ax must finally fall
1/5/2011 Councilman Weiner's 2002 proposal for Resident Curatorship finally realized at Jester County Park on Grubb Road -
12/24/2010 Whole Foods to open site in Pa. - News Journal
12/17/2010 NCCo exec Clark faces heat over board member; Delay in reappointment seen as retaliation - News Journal
12/3/2010 Residents determined to be heard at land-use hearing: NCCo still seeking input on plan - News Journal
11/24/2010 Clark to review NCCo operations; Weiner to advocate for constructive alternatives when appropriate - News Journal
11/10/2010 Proposed ordinance would change the way New Castle County builds budgets; Councilman Weiner suggests a more conservative approach - Community News
11/3/2010 Councilman Bob Weiner wins re-election! - News Journal
11/3/2010 Weiner trumps Annone for Brandywine/Greenville council seat - Community News
10/14/2010 Councilman Weiner & Councilwoman Diller sponsor Smart Growth Forum - WDEL
9/24/2010 Citizens group urges wariness of Stoltz; Town hall meeting on Barley Mill project distrustful of scaled-down plan - News Journal
9/23/2010 Project shrinks, tower disappears. If plan doesn't get OK, original could be resurrected - News Journal
9/22/2010 Can would-be Sen. Coons end PA builder's DE class war? Can would-be Sen. Coons end PA builder's DE class war?
9/19/2010 Lawyers call for trafffic study of Barley Mill proposal. At issue: Who will pay for road improvements to accommodate plan? - News Journal
9/17/2010 Marsh & Silverside Roadway area safety improvements to commence in late Fall 2010
9/10/2010 Councilman Weiner organizes community meeting to learn about new car wash proposed to replace vacant Brandywine Hundred gas station - Community News
9/1/2010 U.S. 40 and Del. 7 - New Castle County board split on rezoning - News Journal
8/31/2010 Councilman Bob Weiner and State Representative Tom Kovach joined forces with 21st Century employees for 21st SafetyZone
8/29/2010 Delaware growth: Chateau Country squabble gets nasty - News Journal
8/26/2010 NCCo Council members question code use, Redevelopment projects examined - News Journal
8/22/2010 Delaware's elite battle developer; Barley Mill project would bring high-rises, jobs and traffic to Greenville - News Journal
8/22/2010 In Greenville, it's about code interpretation; Land-use officials say law allows for tear-downs; residents say no - News Journal
8/22/2010 Classified as redevelopment, project bypasses traffic study; However, NCCo could require road changes - News Journal
8/16/2010 Developers bend NCCo code limits; Critics say redevelopment status used loosely for perks - News Journal
8/3/2010 Councilman Weiner Organizes Community Meeting So Community Can Question Proposed Silverside Road Nursing Home - Community News
7/28/2010 County government backs down on punishing Councilman Weiner for exposing irregularities in the land use decision-making process for Stoltz projects - News Journal
7/28/2010 NCCo backs off records payment policy. "I was put in the penalty box for uncovering the truth. We should protect separate but equal branches of government," stated Councilman Weiner. - Community News
7/28/2010 NCCo drops records fee for council members - WDEL
7/16/2010 Open-records policy puts Coons on hot seat. It is unconscionable that council members should be required to file FOIA. News Journal
7/14/2010 Councilman Weiner obtained documents for community to expose irregularities. "Its my duty" News Journal
6/30/2010 Stoltz' Greenville plans advanced with last minute assistance from State Dept of Transportation - The News Journal
6/22/2010 George Lossé, long time Claymont civic activist, steps down -
6/9/2010 Claymont property values reach a high for the decade "just as we predicted", according to Councilman Bob Weiner, who spearheaded the Claymont Renaissance -
6/6/2010 Councilman Weiner's Citizen Anti-graffiti Brigades tackle "NERD HUMOR" & other graffiti on Route 141 railroad bridge in Greenville - News Journal
6/5/2010 Cauffiel Parkway Yard Waste permanent shut down scheduled for June 27/ DNREC still negotiating with DuPont in hopes of using site on Hay Road near Edgemoor -
6/3/2010 Citizens Anti-graffiti Brigade tackles Greenville eyesore with fresh coat of paint. - Community News
5/21/2010 Bob Weiner & other Brandywine legislators underwrite cost of Brandywine High School May 21 field day
5/18/2010 DuPont Company Consolidation of Chestnut Run & Barley Mill Plaza Sites Commences - News Journal
5/13/2010 Councilmen Weiner & Cartier help Brandywine Little League to finally get approval to open concession stand - Community News
5/7/2010 Proposed Stoltz Development Will Destroy Bucolic Greenville - News Journal letter to the Editor
4/13/2010 Councilman Weiner proposed Resident Curatorship program to save our historic homes in 2002. New Castle County finally implements program to make this dream come true - News Journal
4/8/2010 Councilman Weiner organizes dog-lovers to clean up Talley Day County Bark Park - Community News
4/7/2010 With the feds watching, NCCo focuses on storm water. 5 things your community can do to reduce runoff and improve water quality - Community News
4/6/2010 Councilman Weiner's Citizen Brigade to remove Route 141 graffiti - News Journal
4/2/2010 WDEL VIDEO: Spring clean-up at Talley Day Bark Park
3/29/2010 A year later, Farow anti-graffiti machine to be street legal. Liability, insurance issues finally resolved - Community News
3/17/2010 County Administration proposed budget includes layoffs but no property tax - News Journal
3/16/2010 Residents question Stoltz plans; Hockessin neighbors object to traffic from Barley Mill Plaza project - News Journal
3/5/2010 Board of Adjustment approves permit for radio tower - Community News
3/2/2010 NCC forging ahead to repair an aging Brandywine Hundred sewer system. Preventative sewer maintenance key for NCCo. - Community News
2/22/2010 New Pilot School site to be sewered; rather than be on septic system - Community News
2/22/2010 Columbia Place rezoning approved despite objections - Community News
2/17/2010 Pilot School site is rezoned -
2/14/2010 NCCo Councilman Weiner tries to delay Pilot School rezoning vote; strong objection by developer - News Journal
1/26/2010 Stoltz Management under fire for tree-trimming mistake - Community News
1/25/2010 Process puts us on path to 'Stoltzville' - Community News - Letter to the Editor from Gina Pike
1/20/2010 New Castle County to try once more to launch Resident Curatorship program; Councilman Weiner suggested Resident Curatorship concept in 2002 - Delaforum
1/7/2010 Opponents line up against Stoltz development plans; Councilman Weiner recommends litigation. - Community News
1/1/2010 Columbia Place at Garden of Eden Road/Pilot School site development's foes find an opening/ Planning board erred in vote that OK'd project - News Journal
12/30/2009 Stoltz Barley Mill Plaza plan filing riles residents; Despite objections, developer forges ahead & project is unchanged - News Journal
12/29/2009 Barley Mill development plan filed - Delaforum
12/23/2009 Stoltz files Barley Mill Plaza Major Plan for 2.8 million square feet of mixed use development
12/22/2009 Stoltz highrise tower @ Greenville Center scheduled for Tuesday January 5, 2010 Planning Board Hearing [Major Land Development Plan Review of Greenville Center]
12/21/2009 Neighbors air concerns over Devon/Devonshire community park - Community News
12/2/2009 Brandywine Hundred homeowners will be required to disconnect illegal sewer links; inspectors, provided by outside contractor, would inspect every house
11/26/2009 Backyard chicken ordinance fails. Councilman Weiner proposes compromise to protect civic association deed restricted communities - News Journal
11/23/2009 Lou Hinkle: Behind every councilman, there's a good aide - Community News
11/14/2009 Cumbersome Foulk and Wilson Road intersection to get facelift - Community News
11/11/2009 Councilman Weiner has been pushing for a County resident curatorship program since 2002; Revamped Curatorship Program to be introduced soon - Community News
11/6/2009 Report from Councilman Bob Weiner: Pilot School site status report and path forward
11/5/2009 Councilman Weiner spearheads formation of new graffiti brigades in Centreville, Hockessin & Southern NCC. - Community News
11/3/2009 NCC GOP out to rebuild: Weiner supports County GOP's collaborative approach to work for new solutions - News Journal
11/1/2009 Bank of America to open its first Delaware retail branches in Brandywine Hundred & Greenville; Councilman Weiner works with community leaders to integrate new branches - News Journal
10/29/2009 Talleyville community fights development plans; Councilman Weiner supports community - News Journal
10/29/2009 Councilman Weiner supports county advertising; Weiner will monitor rules promulgation to assure protection of the public - Community News
10/24/2009 $312M county-wide sewer rehab project moving along - Community News
10/22/2009 Councilman Weiner's NCCo civilian crusade against graffiti reaches successful two-year mark - News Journal
10/19/2009 Councilman Weiner Co-sponsors Village Hamlet Ordinance; Enacted by NCC Council - Community News
10/12/2009 Delaware Greenways will inspire smart growth; encourage pedestrian/cyclist-friendly streets; preserve open spaces & vistas - News Journal
9/23/2009 Councilman Weiner will not support the current ill conceived 'backyard chicken coops on half acre parcels' proposal. Broader public discussion & Land Use Dept review needed. - News Journal
9/22/2009 Neighbors love Jester County Park and Hy-Point Dairy Farm Cows - Community News
9/21/2009 Lingering vacancies on NCCo Ethics Commission questioned; Weiner: vacancies "create the impression that county government is not serving the public well." - News Journal
9/18/2009 Claymont's Darley Green opens its first doors. Weiner's vision of a new walkable village is now a reality. - News Journal
9/9/2009 Darley Green Grand Opening 9/17/09 @ 6 PM
9/8/2009 New Library Hours Are Here!
9/8/2009 Councilman Weiner: monitor other governments' sick leave policies - Community News
8/27/2009 How some Council members spent their summer vacations - Community News
8/19/2009 Councilman Weiner urges review by County Law Dept & County Ethics Commission before advertising commences on County website; Law Dept concurs. Community News
8/17/2009 Councilman Weiner's Citizen Anti-Graffiti Brigade and police increased enforcement credited for success against graffiti vandals. - News Journal Editorial by Harry Themal
8/13/2009 How Harvey, Grubb and Veale Roads were named - News Journal
8/12/2009 Councilman Bob Weiner: We can no longer afford NCC sick leave carry-over policy which costs taxpayers millions; Weiner calls for policy review. - Community News
8/10/2009 Pilot School for academically challenged finds new site on 50 acre tract to be bought from Woodlawn Trustees; New location off Woodlawn Rd, behind Homewood Suites - News Journal
7/24/2009 Silverside and Marsh Road Project Website
7/18/2009 Citizens Anti-graffiti Brigade welcomes Camelot Home for Boys/Fiske Academy Captain Tom Barbas
7/16/2009 Residents unveil plans of their own for Barley Mill, Greenville Center - Community News
7/9/2009 Notice from Councilman Bob Weiner: Silverside & Marsh Road Safety Improvements-DelDOT Public Workshop Held at Brandywine Hundred County Library
6/30/2009 Hearing set on 55+ community at Pilot School site; 1st Public Hearing Tues. July 7 - Community News
6/27/2009 Board of Adjustment Meeting 7/9/09 - Brandywine Valley Baptist Church Sign Variance - CANCELLED
6/27/2009 Stoltz unsuccesfully attempted to end-run requirement to help finance highway improvements for congestion caused by its development -
6/25/2009 New Sunday hours for Brandywine Hundred County Library; Library to be closed on Thursdays
6/4/2009 NCCo Council members agree to 5% pay cut - News Journal
6/1/2009 Councilman Weiner's Graffiti Brigades Strategy At Work: Neighbors rally to tackle Greenville graffiti - Community News
5/27/2009 Tax hike lacks imagination - Community News
5/26/2009 Councilman Weiner votes against 25% tax increase - News Journal
5/26/2009 Councilman Weiner: The reduced budget represents fiscal prudence. However the 25% tax increase to finance it did not pass the test. - Community News
5/25/2009 Notice from Councilman Bob Weiner: Bank of America retail branch plans to locate at Tally Ho Shopping Center
5/23/2009 Neighbors Rally to Tackle Greenville/Centreville Graffiti
5/18/2009 NCCo's revised budget includes $11.5 million in cuts, 25% property tax hike; vote is on May 26 - Community News
5/17/2009 Compulsion for notoriety prompts riskier behavior, more tagging in suburbs - News Journal
5/13/2009 Boys detention center could join Councilman Weiner's community lead fight against graffiti - Community News
5/13/2009 Citizens Anti-graffiti Brigades still awaiting OK from DelDOT on new graffiti tool - Community News
5/13/2009 Councilman Weiner only vote against ads on county website
4/29/2009 Councilman Weiner votes for open government measure; but Council majority votes it down - Community News
4/28/2009 NCC Parks-areas established as meadows and 87 parks designated as carry-in /carry-out
4/28/2009 Councilman Bob Weiner Editorial: Stoltz plans are not a 'fait accompli' - Community News
4/27/2009 Merger of NCCo with city would solve budget woes - News Journal
4/23/2009 NCCo lays off paramedics after they reject salary cuts
4/15/2009 Councilman Weiner: "Cut the fat in the Recorder of Deeds budget!" - Community News
4/14/2009 County institutes more budget cuts in recreational programs & facilities -
4/9/2009 County now more dependent on property tax as other sources decline; deep slump in real-estate market makes realty transfer tax considerably less -
4/4/2009 Councilman Weiner supports County Executive's ultimatum to county unions: either accept pay cuts and/or furloughs, or else face layoffs -
4/4/2009 County Executive finally listens to Councilman Weiner's advice to apply for DOE stimulua funds -
4/1/2009 After years of planning, work starts at Claymont's Brookview site; mixed use village spearheaded by Councilman Weiner in 2000 - News Journal
4/1/2009 Councilman Weiner's Graffiti brigade gets a new weapon for its battle against tagging - Community News
3/31/2009 County Council follows Councilman Weiner's lead in restoring the independent County Auditor's budget to keep county finances in check - Community News
3/30/2009 Graffiti vandals go on the offensive in response to Councilman Weiner's Citizens Anti-graffiti Brigade - News Journal
3/29/2009 Machine donated for erasing graffiti - News Journal
3/27/2009 Renaissance Village is now Darley Green; First townhouses being built -
3/25/2009 Volunteers dig into maintenance at Talley Day Bark Park
3/23/2009 Anti-Graffiti Brigade "Graffiti Warriors" Go High-Tech on Saturday March 28
3/23/2009 Talley Day Bark Park seeks volunteers for cleanup - News Journal
3/23/2009 Building projects get NCCo's initial OK - News Journal
3/18/2009 Coons submits an austere, painful budget proposal -
3/18/2009 Two Stoltz plans fail to clear next hurdle; receive conditional approval - Community News
3/13/2009 The New Castle County Police Mounted Patrol is working for you!
3/11/2009 Stoltz excessive scope and scale cause community outrage - Community News
3/11/2009 Staff cuts risk hindering NCCo audits - Councilman Bob Weiner: When we have a $240 million budget, we owe our taxpayers more oversight.
3/6/2009 DelDOT to widen Kennett Pike at Rt. 82 - Community News
3/6/2009 Renaissance Village construction begins; sample units ready to show by June -
3/4/2009 Greenville residents decry Stoltz plans residential tower and 96-acre mixed-use complex - News Journal
3/4/2009 Residents voice displeasure over Greenville plans - Community News
2/25/2009 NCCo Council sets example with budget cuts - Community News
2/15/2009 Councilman Bob Weiner's Anti-graffiti Citizens Brigade partners with DE State Police & Transportation Dept to tackle graffiti - News Journal
2/11/2009 Coons proposes 26 unpaid days off, pay freezes - News Journal
2/5/2009 Brandywine Hundred residents call for tax hike - Community News
2/5/2009 Unions being asked to help county meet fiscal problem -
2/4/2009 Food Lion Supermarket coming to shopping center across from Archmere Academy -
2/4/2009 Stoltz works with community leaders to cut Barley Mill redevelopment in half - Community News
1/25/2009 County budget shortfall likely by end of FY 2010 unless there are revenue or spending changes -
1/19/2009 WILMAPCO request for Grubb Road Pedestrian Improvement Project
1/19/2009 WILMAPCO request for Shipley Road Pedestrian Project
1/17/2009 Lancashire, Springer, Brandywood School constructions plans on track -
1/16/2009 News Journal Editorial: Councilman Weiner's Rules Governing Temporary Sales For Non-profits and For Profits Make Sense
1/13/2009 New Castle County Approves Councilman Weiner's Legislation to Improve Regulation of Temporary Sales
1/7/2009 New Castle County seeking funds from economic stimulus package to help finance capital projects -
12/20/2008 Weiner named to Greenways advisory board - News Journal
12/15/2008 Press Release - Councilman Weiner Appointed to Delaware Greenways' Advisory Board
12/13/2008 Stoltz Development Threatens Scenic & Historic Brandywine Valley/Compromise Sought - Community News
12/5/2008 Stoltz development plans will desecrate Greenville - News Journal Letter to the Editor from Marion Silliman
12/3/2008 Council Considers Electronic Billboards/Councilman Weiner: Electronic Billboards- visual clutter like a Las Vegas strip with flashing lights
11/25/2008 DelDOT reverses position: agrees to study collective traffic impact of all 4 Stoltz plans as requested by community & Councilman Weiner - Community News
11/24/2008 DelDOT announces that the traffic study will be expanded to include the region surrounding the 4 Stoltz projects
11/22/2008 Stoltz Real Estate postpones hearing before NCCo board - News Journal
11/19/2008 RJ Miles selected by Councilman Weiner to receive Volunteer Service Award - Community News
11/19/2008 Foundation set up to encourage donations to help bring cash to NCCo - Community News
11/13/2008 Councilman Weiner introduces legislation to regulate for profit roadside businesses - Community News
11/13/2008 Coons announces mid-year budget cuts, says more are coming - Community News
11/11/2008 Supplemental Submission from Councilman Weiner to WILMAPCO for consideration at 11/13/08 WILMAPCO Council meeting
11/10/2008 Stoltz to host open house on its NCCo development plans - Community News
11/4/2008 Councilman Weiner's draft Ordinance will protect business & civic community from abusive practices by fly-by-night temporary salespersons
10/30/2008 2 year request by Councilman Weiner realized: Nonprofit organization established by county to donate to events or facilities -
10/29/2008 Brandywine Hundred sewer upgrade approved, NCC avoids millions in EPA fines - News Journal
10/29/2008 Plan to add patrol officers, investigators too costly in tough economy, officials say - News Journal
10/29/2008 Bad financial news forces NCCo to shelve public safety plan - Community News
10/29/2008 Council approves $7 million sewer maintenance; rate increase likely - Community News
10/28/2008 NCC scraps plan for more police - News Journal
10/28/2008 Residents speak out at Councilman Weiner's meeting to consider increasing size of public safety department -
10/28/2008 Councilman Weiner community meeting consensus: expand police force but not with higher taxes; Weiner pledges to explore other options - News Journal
10/23/2008 Councilman Robert Weiner Invites Community to Meeting on County Safety Plan - News Journal
10/23/2008 Claymont Renaissance Village is "back on schedule; Model units ready by February -
10/22/2008 Walking, bike trails sought for N. Del. - News Journal
10/22/2008 Stoltz issues take-it-or-leave-it ultimatum to revise 4 controversial development proposals -
10/21/2008 Residents: latest Stoltz proposal insults everyone’s intelligence - Community News
10/13/2008 Historical note about Brandywine HS when it was a farm and a thank you note from John Day [50th Anniversary of Brandywine HS]
10/13/2008 Councilman Weiner is organizing community meeting; $1.7 million, 5-year NCC public safety system upgrade would require 4% tax increase - News Journal
10/13/2008 New Castle County Councilman Bob Weiner Sponsors $2500 Council Grant Brandywine High School Band Boosters
10/12/2008 Sewer upgrade to cost millions;NCCo needs to clear aging lines, avoid fines - News Journal
10/10/2008 County Police/emergency communications enlargement plan would cost $3.75 million; tax increase spread out over next 4 years -
10/9/2008 Developer, residents, state in limbo over State Line Road - Community News
10/8/2008 Property owners will face a two-legged tax increase -
10/8/2008 NCCo looks to add 911 operators - Community News 10/8/08
10/6/2008 NCCo wants to beef up police - News Journal
10/6/2008 Stoltz pulls Montchanin plan from Planning Board hearing - Community News
10/5/2008 Declaring October 25, 2008 the Official 50th Anniversary of Brandywine High School in Wilmington, Delaware
10/5/2008 New Castle County Councilman Bob Weiner Sponsors $2500 Council Grant To Benefit Brandywine High School 50th Anniversary
10/3/2008 Stoltz Letter to the Editor on Montchanin development - Community News
10/1/2008 County Council asked to provide for more cops -
10/1/2008 NCCo unveils plan to increase police department 35 percent over 5 years - Community News
9/29/2008 Kennett Pike Assoc community meeting to share strategies for fighting the 4 Stoltz development proposals - Community News
9/25/2008 County planning $7 million sewer-renovation project in Brandywine Hundred/County may invest $100,000 in Talley Day Park to create a small wetland"
9/24/2008 $7 million NCC sewer system to improve water quality/Lowering overflows will cause sewer rates increase - Community News
9/23/2008 Civic group hosting meeting on Stoltz proposed Concord Pike center - Community News
9/18/2008 Financing plan approved for Claymont redevelopment/Councilman Weiner votes to support economic redevelopment plan
9/15/2008 Pilot School May Be Denied Sewer Access, Despite Eco-Friendly Design - Weiner: I will support the community.
9/10/2008 Councilman Weiner's statement in support of a Northern DE Land Use and Development Capacity Assessment-proposed amdt for Fy 2009-2012 TIP
9/8/2008 News Journal's Fix It Column Features Weiner's Citizens Anti-Graffiti Brigade at Del. 141 near Kennett Pike, Greenville
9/7/2008 ShopRite on Concord Pike offers gluten-free Kosher food line; Councilman Weiner opposes Stoltz project - News Journal
9/4/2008 Civic leaders demand regional traffic study - Community News
9/3/2008 Christiana Care plans northern expansion; Hospital looking at Concord Pike area - News Journal
8/30/2008 Brandywine Town Center's Design Changes Receives County & Community Approval; Councilman Weiner's Initiative Applauded by News Journal 8/30/08
8/27/2008 Brandywine Town Center changes includes playground; supported by community and Councilman Weiner. - News Journal
8/27/2008 NCC Council approves Brandywine Town Center changes; also OK's Renaissance Village design changes - Community News
8/18/2008 Pilot School plan: "unacceptable" recommendation from County Land Use...for now
8/17/2008 Shops of Brandywine Valley - queries & response: bike/pedestrian safety & access
8/17/2008 Criteria to be applied by DelDOT for Stoltz Barley Mill Plaza Redevelopment Proposal
8/14/2008 New Castle County Land Use Dept. Again Rejects The Shops at Brandywine, Stoltz proposal for the Woodlawn Trustees
8/11/2008 A cornfield in need of more suitable plans for a cornfield - News Journal Editorial by Harry Themal
8/7/2008 Councilman Weiner challenges rejection of Phila. Pike for Scenic/Historic Byway Designation - Community News
8/4/2008 Heritage event goes straight to DVD
8/1/2008 Claymont Renaissance Village site prep almost completed. Construction anticipated to begin in November -
7/31/2008 Response to Frank Maderich re Stolz proposal for Woodlawn Trustees parcel
7/31/2008 Concord Pike plans draw residents' ire. Weiner draws applause for opposition to project - News Journal
7/31/2008 Residents get look at new plan for Concord Pike
7/30/2008 Analysis of Barley Mill Plaza (BMP) Proposed Redevelopment Transportation Impact
7/29/2008 The Preservation Puzzle: Woodlawn Trustees a Century Later - Community News
7/25/2008 Stoltz proposes largest real estate project in DE history...Bigger than King of Prussia Mall - News Journal
7/24/2008 Councilman Weiner 7/30/08 Community Meeting. Focus: Stoltz Concord Pike Large Shopping Center. - News Journal
7/19/2008 County Land Use has found the exploratory plan for an extensive makeover of Barley Mill Plaza to be unacceptable -
7/18/2008 Weiner declines to recuse himself on Freebery reimbursement vote - News Journal
7/2/2008 Greenville residents sound-off on Barley Mill proposal - Community News
7/2/2008 Residents en masse decry plan for Barley Mill Plaza -
6/29/2008 Weiner: Could village plan help Greenville? - Community News
6/26/2008 Barley Mill Plaza redevelopment plan Public Hearing Tuesday July 1 - Community News
6/24/2008 Misimpression in Greenville News ["Councilman Weiner's Greenville community meeting to focus on legal analysis of 3 Stoltz projects"]
6/23/2008 Councilman Weiner's Greenville community meeting to focus on legal analysis of 3 Stoltz projects
6/20/2008 Claymont train station improvements hinge on land, $16 M - Community News
6/20/2008 "Fast start promised" by Claymont Renaissance Village's new "master planner" Victoria Davis, President of Mid Urban Atlantic
6/11/2008 Councilman Weiner Supports Tax Incremental Financing for Claymont Renaissance Village - News Journal
5/29/2008 Developers disclose revised plan for Renaissance Village
5/27/2008 County approves budget; Weiner: We still have work to do to get our financial house in order
5/27/2008 Brandywine Town Center, civic leaders agree to changes - Community News
5/24/2008 Bob Weiner Kicks Off Delaware Greenways' Warm Weather Walking Series
5/19/2008 Brandywine Town Center controversy to end -
5/18/2008 Councilman Bob Weiner to Sponsor Deed Restriction Changes for Brandywine Town Center
5/16/2008 NCCo Land Use Department rejects Stoltz high rise plan for Greenville
5/16/2008 Bob Weiner Organizes Brandywine Hundred History Expo
5/15/2008 Rockwood "Walk In The Park" with Councilman Weiner - June 12th
5/14/2008 Stoltz development will overwhelm area
5/13/2008 County: Greenville Center plan needs changes - Community News
5/5/2008 Planned shopping center to get third revision
4/29/2008 ‘Shops at Brandywine Valley’-- a proposal with flaws
4/29/2008 Volunteers organized by Councilman Bob Weiner work on Tally Day Bark Park
4/26/2008 Bark Park Clean Up Day
4/26/2008 The proverbial welcome mat is already out, and New Castle County is preparing to also roll out a proverbial red carpet for businesses connected with expansion of Aberdeen Proving Ground.
4/26/2008 Special Development Districts
4/23/2008 NCCo Council Recognizes May 2008 As National Historic Preservation Month
4/13/2008 News Journal Seeks Councilman Weiner's View: Mass Transit and Walkable Communities
4/12/2008 Councilman Bob Weiner spearheaded Talleyville Softball League fields; participates in 4/12/08 ribbon-cutting
4/9/2008 Age of puppies at time of sale target of law
4/8/2008 Developer denies it played ‘beat the clock’
4/8/2008 "Greenville high rise plan cause for concern" Councilman Weiner Editorial
4/6/2008 Proposed Stoltz Greenville business center is disingenuous
4/5/2008 The Citizens Anti-Graffiti Brigade Cleans Up Shipley Road
4/1/2008 Councilman Weiner joins community in opposing Stoltz proposals in Greenville & Brandywine Hundred
3/28/2008 Brandywine Tennis, Concord Rowing Teams Each Receive $2500 from Councilman Weiner
3/27/2008 Councilman Weiner & Community opposes Stoltz New Development Plans for Concord Pike and Greenville
3/7/2008 Freebery seeking $3.7 million in legal fees from county
3/6/2008 Councilman Weiner's Report to NCC Council: March 2008 NACo Legislative Conference
2/27/2008 NCCo prescription discount cards available Friday
2/23/2008 Councilman Weiner Sponsors "First Family Oral History" Event on 2/23/08
2/19/2008 Effort to save NCCo home leads to local history gathering
2/19/2008 Brandywine's 'first families' to present history forum
2/17/2008 7th Annual New Partners for Smart Growth Conference - Councilman Weiner's Report
2/13/2008 Grubb Road pedestrian improvements: Councilman Weiner's email to our area state elected officials
2/13/2008 Proposed puppy under-age sales law for state & county
2/12/2008 Bob Weiner sponsors Council grants worth $5000 to benefit Brandywine and Concord High Schools
2/11/2008 A betting man's wager on new mall
1/17/2008 New Castle County Receives Federal Funding For Sewer Project
1/13/2008 Major construction of Blue Ball Project complete
11/21/2007 Claymont's Brookview Apartment Demolition Begins
11/15/2007 Shipley Road Pathway Plans Unveiled
11/14/2007 Builder stops construction on North Wilmington development
11/14/2007 Council votes to limit time, temperature signs
11/14/2007 Councilman Weiner Leads Citizens in Bark Park
11/10/2007 Help wanted for Citizen's Brigade
11/9/2007 Public involvement in anti-graffiti efforts is worth supporting
11/8/2007 Brandywine Hundred Pathways Needed - Meeting 11/8
10/29/2007 Councilman Weiner Presents 2 Grants to Concord High School
10/11/2007 Don't spoil Beaver Valley Road site with just another shopping center
10/6/2007 Residents voice Concern about Traffic at Proposed Concord Pike shopping center - Community News
10/5/2007 Whole Foods store wants to locate in Brandywine Hundred
10/3/2007 Shopping center plan runs into a barrage of flak
10/2/2007 CCOBH opposes "The Shops at Brandywine Valley"
9/14/2007 "Weiner Forms Citizen Brigades to Combat Graffiti" Community News 9/13/07
9/5/2007 Councilman Weiner's Plan for Historic Preservation Becomes a Reality
9/5/2007 Weekend Sewage Leak Undetected- Councilman Weiner Calls For County Employees To Work Off-Peak Shifts
9/4/2007 Councilman Weiner Launches War on Graffiti
7/30/2007 Councilman Weiner Opposes Cancellation of Public Notices
7/27/2007 Community News Legal Notices Cancelled
7/25/2007 Councilman Weiner's amendments to Comp Plan
7/24/2007 New Castle County Comprehensive Plan adopted
7/19/2007 Councilman Weiner's Report to NCC Council: NACo Annual Conference, Richmond, VA July 13-17, 2007
7/16/2007 Councilman Weiner's Long Sought Quest for Historic Preservation via Resident Curatorships Adopted by New Castle County
6/27/2007 New Commerce Bank branch @ corner of Marsh & Silverside Roads
6/22/2007 Claymont to be transformed into "College Town"
6/22/2007 Developer selected to build new Claymont Renaissance Village; Demolition of Brookview this summer
6/22/2007 Thank you note from BHS Band Boosters
6/14/2007 NCCo approves Brookview plan
6/14/2007 Talley Day Bark Park cleanup set for June 23
6/8/2007 Shipley Road pathway championed by Councilman Bob Weiner
6/7/2007 Councilman Weiner called the "godfather" of Claymont Renaissance after 7 years of spearheading Claymont's revitalization [Delaforum 6/7/07]
6/5/2007 Workforce, senior housing become crucial issues
5/31/2007 Councilman Bob Weiner Sponsors Legislation That Will Regulate Use of PODS® and Dumpsters
5/23/2007 Bob Weiner votes against 17 1/2 % county property tax
5/23/2007 With tax hike in hand, county finance issue heads to Dover
5/21/2007 Thank you note from Superindendent Scanlon
5/15/2007 Bob Weiner supports dramatically reduced capital budget plan
5/13/2007 Bob Weiner Addresses Proposed Commercial Strip Shopping Center at Concord Pike & Beaver Valley Rd May '07
5/4/2007 Woodlawn development plan links Whole Foods to Del.
4/30/2007 NCCo councilman seeks input on finances
4/27/2007 Naaman’s parcel rezoned
4/27/2007 Salary freeze bills withdrawn pending new pay proposal
4/23/2007 NCCo plan cracks down on portable storage
4/23/2007 DRAFT Ordinance - PODS
4/23/2007 DRAFT Ordinance - Dumpsters
3/21/2007 17 percent tax hike proposed for NCCo
3/10/2007 Councilman Weiner, Rep. Valihura & CCOBH seek to preserve open space on Naamans Road
3/9/2007 NACo adopts Councilman Weiner's Global Warming Resolution
3/9/2007 NCCo councilman to perform at synagogue's dinner
3/9/2007 Summary of National Association of Counties Legislative Conference
3/5/2007 NCCo may streamline development OKs
3/1/2007 Empty Brookview offered for sale
2/23/2007 Bob Weiner supports streamlining land use process to save time & money
2/23/2007 Councilman Weiner Reappointed Co-Chair NCCo Economic Development Committee
2/20/2007 Summary of New Partners for Smart Growth Conference: Building Safe, Healthy, and Livable Communities
1/26/2007 Information about the NCC compensation report
1/25/2007 County workers' rich pay and benefits are ripe for reductions
1/23/2007 Working for NCCo a good deal, report says
1/20/2007 Coons calls for freeze on managers' pay
1/19/2007 Councilman reappointed to national association
1/3/2007 New Castle County Must Overhaul Financial Policies
12/18/2006 Councilman Bob Weiner’s speech to Concord High School Band and Choral Holiday Concert Audience
12/3/2006 New Castle County Draft Comprehensive Plan Available Online
12/2/2006 New Castle County outlines plan to control growth
11/7/2006 Councilman Weiner Re-Elected
10/20/2006 Councilman Bob Weiner reappointed to national leadership positions
10/16/2006 Common Cause: Councilman Weiner was 1 of Only 2 County Council Members Who Provided Oversight
10/12/2006 NCCo to seek 'No Jake Brakes' sign on Naamans
10/7/2006 Wilmington News Journal Candidate Forum Response
10/6/2006 Council debates resolution to restrict Jake Brakes
10/6/2006 Talleyville Softball plan presented to community - Community News
10/1/2006 Brandywine Hundred Sewer Rehab Update - Oct 2006
8/12/2006 "Bark Park" Citizens Work Brigade Day
8/2/2006 DE Indian Community Honors Councilman Weiner
7/28/2006 Councilman Bob Weiner Unopposed for November Re-election
7/22/2006 Councilman Weiner joins other Council member in urging an increased pool of prospective employees for County service so that taxpayers get the very best work force. County unions oppose.
7/17/2006 NCC Adopts Councilman Weiner's Call To Study County Employees Saleries After Initial Rejection
7/14/2006 Claymont receives national award for renaissance project
7/14/2006 Councilman Weiner: "Hire very best employees to serve County"
6/30/2006 Weiner unopposed for council seat
6/29/2006 News Journal Editorial: 1st County program for work force housing not at taxpayers expense
6/28/2006 Brookview Update from
6/27/2006 RESOLUTION NO. 06-158 Authorizing the transfer of the monetary grant and trophy awarded to NCC by NACO to CRDC
6/26/2006 Brookview rezoning and development agreement vote
6/20/2006 Can Old, New Main Streets get along?
6/8/2006 A first-of-a-kind agreement seeks to assure that 'affordable' housing in redeveloped Brookview remains 'affordable' and that at least 70% of the units to be built are sold rather than rented.
6/2/2006 Experts discuss benefits of Smart Growth
5/28/2006 The Eagle Has Landed at Springer Woods
5/28/2006 NCCo wages are over the national norm
5/26/2006 News Journal Editorial - NCCo pay system needs review, adjustments
5/26/2006 Smart Growth Symposium challenges suburban sprawl model
5/26/2006 Claymont Renaissance discussed at Stone School
5/24/2006 Resolution to review county wages dropped in exchange for wage study: Are county employees paid more than other government workers?
5/24/2006 NCCo OKs tax hike, budget - Bob Weiner votes No
5/23/2006 County Pledges to Undertake Benchmarking Study Within a Month at Councilman Weiner's Urgings
5/22/2006 Speech to the Brandywine Region Republican Committee
5/6/2006 Cooperation leads to clean up of Woodley Park
4/27/2006 New Castle County Honored as a National Leader - Claymont Renaissance
4/17/2006 Careful Restoration Sets Tone for Community
4/15/2006 Talley-Day Bark Park Clean Up
4/5/2006 NCCo Council gives $2,500 grant to Brandywine High band boosters
3/24/2006 Community News 3/24/06: Weiner Calls For Full Budget Review
3/22/2006 2006 NACo Legislative Conference Washington, D.C., March 4-8, 2006
3/22/2006 5% tax increase proposed for NCCo
3/21/2006 5th Annual New Partners for Smart Growth Conference, Denver, Colorado
3/14/2006 Councilman Weiner urges breed specific legislation be delayed
3/11/2006 Taxpayers cannot afford to sewer all of southern NCC
3/8/2006 Benefits of Transit Oriented Design (TOD)
2/28/2006 Councilman Weiner offers to assist in exploring better ways to address dangerous dogs
1/1/2006 Mike Kaiser on the Bark Park
12/22/2005 Thank You from Talleyville Girls Softball
11/14/2005 Councilman Weiner participates in panel discussion during 2005 Governor's Conference
10/27/2005 Cell Towers: Striking a balance
10/26/2005 New RT 61 – Naamans Road Service – Coming December 5th
10/19/2005 Councilman Bob Weiner selected to represent NACo in nationally broadcast program
10/7/2005 NCCo official takes leadership role in U.S. counties group
9/29/2005 Councilman Bob Weiner initiates a new pedestrian link for Brandywine Hundred residents
9/16/2005 Claymont Renaissance
9/16/2005 Renaissance main issue at civic meeting
8/6/2005 Weiner initiates Commonwealth's involvement in Claymont Renaissance
8/5/2005 Brookview to get new villagelike atmosphere
8/3/2005 Commonwealth Group/Setting Properties purchase Brookview Apts
7/30/2005 Workshops to detail Claymont revitalization plan
7/27/2005 Weiner featured in Center for Sustainable Communities Report
7/27/2005 NCCo considers change to land-use regulations
7/15/2005 Greenways, sidewalks add to livable communities
7/13/2005 Proposed complex part of Claymont face-lift
7/8/2005 Councilman Weiner proposes NACo resolution to protect environment and prevent federal gov't unfunded mandate program
7/3/2005 Councilman Weiner is Waging War on Illegal Roadside Clutter
6/28/2005 All 13 members of County Council not only voted to enact a residential rental code for properties in unincorporated areas, but signed on as cosponsors of the ordinance.
6/27/2005 Councilman Weiner sponsors Rental code; up for vote
6/26/2005 Councilman Weiner spearheads preservation of open space at the Channin School site...
6/24/2005 Supreme Court ruling allows local governments to condemn blighted land to stimulate economic redevelopment
6/24/2005 Claymont’s Renaissance supports Weiner
6/22/2005 Councilman Weiner hosts national leaders on tour of Claymont & Wilmington
6/22/2005 New Castle County code requirements for communications towers
6/18/2005 County citizens benefit from Councilman Weiner's participation in national leadership conference
5/11/2005 Bob Weiner Proposes Public Gifting Program to Protect County Parkland
5/10/2005 Claymont ready for renaissance
4/15/2005 Auditor should be more independent
4/13/2005 Strong Ethics legislation enacted by NCC Council
4/13/2005 Councilman Weiner introduces Rental Code
3/2/2005 NCCo councilman proposes changes to ethics code
2/28/2005 Robert S. Weiner Introduces Legislation to Improve Financial Reporting by County Legislators
2/18/2005 Weiner: Growth doesn’t necessarily mean a loss in the county’s quality of life.
2/1/2005 New Website Lauched!
11/17/2004 Tax break for county senior citizens
11/6/2004 Weiner refuses to participate in illegal meeting
10/18/2004 US Today seeks Weiner's opinion as national land use expert
10/8/2004 Councilman Weiner Re-appointed Chair of Two National Steering Committees
10/8/2004 National Association of Counties re-appoints Weiner to 2 leadership positions
9/27/2004 Councilman's innovative legislation removes 40% of AZ's rush hour traffic
8/18/2004 Weiner speaks on "Low Impact Development"
5/17/2004 Wayne Smith and Bob Weiner help raise funds to buy parkland
5/10/2004 Weiner leads Claymont Renaissance
4/20/2004 Weiner spearheads county's 1st "bark park"
4/1/2004 Weiner leads national fight against air pollution
11/1/2002 New Castle County must properly manage its growth
11/1/2002 Claymont Renaissance is a dream about to come true
1/6/2002 Weiner tackles violators who park in fire lanes and handicapped spots
11/21/2001 Rep. Valihura & Councilman Weiner lead charge for stricter code enforcement
10/21/2001 Property code scofflaws targeted -

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Latest News:
  Brandywine Hundred County Library is open with socially distancing safe door-to-door delivery takeout service
  Walker's Bank deemed unsafe, will be demolished
  Councilman announces details of redevelopment at former AstraZeneca site

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Latest News:
  Brandywine Hundred County Library is open with socially distancing safe door-to-door delivery takeout service
  Walker's Bank deemed unsafe, will be demolished
  Councilman announces details of redevelopment at former AstraZeneca site
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