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How to attend a New Castle County Council Meeting  

This page informs citizens where New Castle County Council meetings are held, what time meetings start, what are the typical agenda items and what to expect at various meetings.

I encourage all residents in Council District 2 to attend New Castle County Council meetings. It is a great way to voice your opinion and/or learn how your county government works. If you have a school-aged child I would be honored to have his or her class, youth group or scout troop attend as my guests. Please contact me the week before the meeting if you plan to attend and I will be pleased to greet you 15 minutes prior to the meeting to provide a brief introduction and overview. I look forward to the opportunity to formally recognize constituents in the audience during meetings.

New Castle County Government is the day-to-day government for its citizens. It provides the services that we all use almost everyday. These services include, police, paramedics, 911 Emergency Communications, sewer service, rezoning decisions, libraries and parks.

The New Castle County Council is the 13 member legislative branch whose major role is adopting legislation that provides the necessary direction and essential resources required for operating departments to deliver the services that New Castle County residents receive for their tax dollar.

Strict procedures are required in order for County Council to consider and adopt legislation that will become law including opportunities for public participation. There is an opportunity for public comment on each agenda item. Proper decorum and business attire is important.

State and County Codes outline the procedures that the members of County Council must follow in considering and adopting legislation.

Ordinances may only be introduced and voted on during regular Council meetings held on the second and forth Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Council chambers located in the Louis Redding City/County Building located at 800 North French Street in Wilmington. The legislative body cannot vote on an Ordinance introduced during a regular Council meeting until their following regular scheduled meeting.

These meetings are always open to the public, but public comment is not permitted until the meeting when the Ordinance is scheduled for vote.

The typical path for introduced legislation depends on the subject of the legislation. Legislation associated with Land Use that may seek to approve the construction of a residential development, a commercial project such as a shopping center, or a rezoning may first require the review of the request and the recommendation of a New Castle County board or commission such as the Planning Board, Resource Protection Technical Advisory Board or Historic Review Board prior to the Council’s consideration for it’s adoption into law. In some cases, the County’s Human Resources Advisory Board may be required to review and make recommendation relating to a personnel issue prior to Council’s introduction and adoption of the legislation.

A Resolution differs from an Ordinance whereas it expresses the intent of Council, but does not carry the legal weight of an Ordinance. Council members also review and discuss proposed legislation during their scheduled committee meetings. Council’s standing committees are:

  • Public Safety Committee chaired by Council Members James Bell and Jea Street.
  • Land Use Committee chaired by Council Members David Tackett and Joseph Reda
  • Special Services Committee chaired by Council Members William Powers Jr and Timothy Sheldon
  • Finance/Administration Committee chaired by Council Members George Smiley and Lisa Diller
  • Community Services Committee chaired by Council Members Penrose Hollins and John Cartier
  • Economic Development Committee chaired by Council Member Robert Weiner
  • Executive Committee chaired by Council Members Thomas Kovach and Penrose Hollins

Council occasionally creates temporary sub-committees to address specific issues such as Green Building, Affordable Housing, and Transfer of Development Rights. These meetings are open to the public and allow Council members to discuss, debate and obtain data on the impacts of a proposed Ordinance or Resolution once all applicable boards, commissions, and/or governmental agencies, both internal and external, have offered their recommendations and input. Committee meetings also allow the public an opportunity to ask questions and offer their opinions on an issue prior to a Council vote at a subsequent regular Council meeting.

County Council’s standing committee meetings are typically scheduled on Tuesday afternoons.

For more information about the Members of Council, regular and committee meeting schedules and for copies of pending legislation, please visit our website. You may also contact my aide Lou Hinkle for additional information.

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Latest News:
  Brandywine Hundred County Library is open with socially distancing safe door-to-door delivery takeout service
  Walker's Bank deemed unsafe, will be demolished
  Councilman announces details of redevelopment at former AstraZeneca site
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County Council meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday evenings of each month
"Id like to express my appreciation to Councilman Bob Weiner who exhibits strength, determination and fortitude and is always on the side of the people. I followed Bobs actions when he was head of CCOBH's zoning committee and made strong efforts to try to stop the Brandywine Town Center construction. He has continued with energy and zeal in many pivotal positions in spite of enduring a lot of negative professional and personal attacks. I appreciate that he is never deterred."

Judy Magee

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