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Four of New Castle County's 6 Major Proposed Developments in 2017 are in Councilman Bob Weiner’s Council District 2: Barley Mill Plaza, Brandywine Country Club, Concord Plaza, Hercules Country Club; Weiner: "Vigilance in 2017"

Six New Castle County retail/residential projects to look for in 2017; Four of Six Major Proposed Developments in 2017 are located in Councilman Bob Weiner’s Council District 2: Barley Mill Plaza, Brandywine Country Club, Concord Plaza and Hercules Country Club 

Xerxes Wilson , The News Journal December 23, 2016

With the election for New Castle County Executive now over, the public can expect to see plans for a number of major commercial and residential developments in 2017. 

Here is a rundown of projects that developers are expected to detail, push for government approval or begin building in the coming year:

Barley Mill Plaza

The remaining undeveloped portion of Barley Mill Plaza, one of the most controversial properties in New Castle County, was purchased by Newport-developer Gregory Pettinaro earlier this year for $27 million.

The former DuPont Co. office complex saw a nearly decade-long battle between previous owner and developer Keith Stoltz and the property's affluent Greenville neighbors over plans to redevelop the land.

The battle ultimately reached the Delaware Supreme Court, which in 2012 put a halt to a plans to build on the land over concerns about traffic.

Previously plans called for up to 700 apartments or condominiums; 1.48 million square feet of office space; and 731,250 square feet of retail space, which included stores, restaurants, a fitness center, a day care and a hotel.

Since then, Stoltz sold a third of the 92-acre property to Odyssey Charter School for a new campus. Pettinaro bought the remaining 57 acres and said his plans involved a mix of uses, which he is expected to pitch to neighbors in the coming year.

Several local golf courses are threatened by development of subdivisions. One such course, Brandywine Country Club, closed in 2015. 

Brandywine County Club

A year ago, local developer Louis Capano III unveiled plans for a 554-unit home and apartment development on the 111-acre Brandywine Country Club property off U.S. 202 in Brandywine Hundred.

The property, which served as a golf course for 70 years, closed in October 2015. Capano pitched plans, which require a rezoning, to the public but has not submitted a formal application to county regulators to build on the project.

Concord Plaza

Wilmington developer Buccini/Pollin Group wants to build about 300 luxury apartments situated over restaurants, cafes and stores as well as a new office building at the Concord Plaza office complex located near Silverside Road and U.S. 202.

The 45-acre Concord Plaza currently has about 500,000 square feet of office space in 20 dated, two-story, buildings. The developer will propose demolishing a number of those structures to make way for multiple luxury apartment buildings containing 341 units across six new buildings.

The developer has also proposed building a 60,000-square-foot office, three-story office building on the property. Larry Tarabicos said he expects the project to receive regulatory approvals over the coming months and break ground on the first phase next year.

The first phase will consist of three buildings with apartments and retail space. Three other apartment buildings and the office construction will be part of a future phase, he said.

Hercules Country Club

Earlier this month, the Delaware Supreme Court put to bed a long-running legal challenge surrounding an attempt to build on the Hercules Country Club, more recently known as Delaware National Country Club.

The lawsuit stems from an attempt by Pennsylvania homebuilder Toll Brothers to override the county's rejection of plans to build 263 homes on the 200-acre property that straddles Red Clay Creek near Lancaster Pike and Hercules Road.

Toll Brothers did not want to pay for the road improvements required by the county near the development so they unsuccessfully asked the court to overrule local regulators. Now that the lawsuit is over, Pettinaro, who owns the property, said he plans to submit the same plan but work with the county on the traffic requirements over the coming year.

Felician Sisters (Not in District 2)

Developer Joe Setting wants to build about 209 homes and a 60-unit apartment complex on the 182-acre property just east of Holy Family Church off Chestnut Hill Road east of Newark that for decades housed an orphanage.

The property is owned by the Felician Sisters, who are Franciscan sisters organized under a nonprofit group based in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, and who ran the orphanage.

The development plan was announced last fall and was hit with a torrent of opposition. Since then, resident groups have formed to pressure government to purchase the property for a park.

Tarabicos, who represents the sisters and Setting, said regulatory approvals for the project should come in the next year.

Cavaliers Country Club (Not in District 2)

Carlino Development Group of Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, earlier this year submitted plans to New Castle County to develop the 145-acre Cavaliers County Club golf course bordering Christiana Mall.

Carlino wants to build 723 residential units including single-family homes, townhouses and apartments targeting a range of incomes. Previous plans included retail development, but that aspect has been nixed by the developer.

The project will require County Council to approve a rezoning, a debate which should take place in the new year.

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Latest News:
  Brandywine Hundred County Library is open with socially distancing safe door-to-door delivery takeout service
  Walker's Bank deemed unsafe, will be demolished
  Councilman announces details of redevelopment at former AstraZeneca site
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