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Councilman Bob Weiner Alert: CRG Negotiations with Stoltz

Dear civic leaders and concerned residents,

I just received an extensive package of documents from Citizens for Responsible Growth in New Castle County [CRG], which represents the final work product of its negotiations as between CRG and the Stoltz organization [Stoltz]. I have appended the transmittal letter which accompanied the documents below. I will soon transmit to you a link to the CRG website which will soon have the documents posted. 

I intend to carefully review the CRG/Stoltz documents now in my possession [or to be generated in the future]: including the proposed Stoltz rezoning application which will eventually be voted upon by New Castle County Council, the proposed Stoltz variance applications to be presented to the County Board of Adjustment, and the extensive draft deed restriction documents. I intend to speak with CRG leadership regarding my particular concerns about all elements; including traffic, streetscaping, transit and pedestrian orientation of the components. Of course, I welcome your questions and observations. 

Our community deserves a plan which is code compliant, consistent with community character [with particular attention to our architectural and historical fabric], consistent with the goals of the 2007 Comprehensive Plan, pedestrian friendly and transit oriented. 

What is not needed is a "sea of asphalt" 20th century auto-dominated strip shopping center designed to attract cars from PA in order to avoid sales tax; which would simply cannibalize our existing legacy small retail villages...resulting in vacancies, blight, more crime and eventually higher taxes due to policing costs. 

I recognize that CRG had to commence negotiations with Stoltz, from a strategic position which was based upon irregular preliminary approvals, which had been granted to Stoltz. Thus CRG was proverbially “behind the eight ball”. Recognizing this distinct negotiating disadvantage, my preliminary review indicates that CRG has done a yeoman’s job in its negotiations with Stoltz. 

I intend to methodically perform my own detailed analysis. Throughout this analysis, I look forward to seeking the community's perspective; as every citizen's opinion is important to me in formulating my final position regarding each Stoltz application. 

Thank you for your constant interest and involvement. 

Bob Weiner, 
your County Councilman 

Citizens for Responsible Growth in New Castle County Reaches Agreement On Development Projects in Greenville Area

Citizens for Responsible Growth in New Castle County, Inc. (CRG) and Stoltz Real Estate Partners (Stoltz) have reached agreement on conditions which will enable three Greenville area development projects to move forward with support from the community.
The agreement, reached after more than four months of negotiations and based on the framework announced in late September by then-County Executive Chris Coons, results in a significant downsizing of the Barley Mill Plaza, Greenville Center and 20 Montchanin projects and secures for the community binding deed restrictions that will limit future development regardless of who owns the properties. 

Highlights of the agreement between CRG and Stoltz are: 

At Barley Mill Plaza, Stoltz will revise its current plans for a 2.8 million square foot mixed use project and replace it with an office and commercial development of 1.65 million square feet.   Approximately 37 acres along Rt. 141 will be rezoned to accommodate construction of up to 454,000 square feet of commercial retail space.  The remaining 59 acres of the site will retain its existing office zoning and will be developed with up to 1.2 million square feet of office space.  Building and garage heights will be capped.  The density will be limited to 1.65 million square feet.  The size of single user retail stores will be restricted, as will the number and type of retail sites located along Rt. 141 and Rt. 48. There will be no fast food restaurants, no convenience stores, and no automobile service stations. In addition, Stoltz has agreed to construct a stormwater mitigation facility on the site to capture stormwater running across the site from properties to the north, so as to help alleviate downstream flooding problems in Elsmere.  Stoltz will also work with the community as it relates to landscaping, signage and lighting associated with the project. Although the traffic to be generated by the revised plan will be significantly less than what would have resulted from the original plan, Stoltz and CRG will work together with DelDOT to ensure that traffic concerns are fairly and lawfully addressed. 

At Greenville Center, Stoltz will build a slightly larger two-story building to replace an existing two-story building at the site, in lieu of the residential tower previously proposed.  A one-story 4,000 square foot building will be built at the corner of Kennett Pike and Buck Road, and the building housing the U.S Post Office and jewelry store will be expanded slightly.  Future building heights at the site will be capped, the use of the new 4,000 square foot building will be limited (no fast food restaurants or convenience stores), and the entrance at Buck Road will be modified as required by the Department of Transportation. CRG will support a parking variance needed by Stoltz to obtain approval for the downsized Greenville plan.  CRG will also support a variance for 19 additional parking spaces at 3704 Kennett Pike. 

At Montchanin Corporate Center, Stoltz will build a one-story, 6,000 square foot building in lieu of the previously proposed 36,500 square foot building, to be set back 90 feet from the  Montchanin Road right-of-way.  CRG will support the rezoning of two acres of the site for the new building.  The new building will not be used for fast food restaurants, convenience stores or automobile service stations, and future development at the site will be limited.  The design of the new building will complement the existing building at the site.

The deed restrictions at all sites will be binding on present and future owners of the properties and will be enforced by the Kennett Pike Association and Delaware Greenways.

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Latest News:
  Brandywine Hundred County Library is open with socially distancing safe door-to-door delivery takeout service
  Walker's Bank deemed unsafe, will be demolished
  Councilman announces details of redevelopment at former AstraZeneca site
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