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National Association of Counties re-appoints Weiner to 2 leadership positions

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October 8, 2004

New Castle County Councilman Robert S. Weiner
Re-appointed Chair of Two National Steering Committees

WASHINGTON, D.C.—New Castle County, Delaware County Councilman
Robert S. Weiner has recently been re-appointed Chairman of the Land Use and Growth Management Subcommittee of the National Association of Counties (NACo) Land Use Steering Committee by NACo President Angelo Kyle. He was also re-appointed Chair of the Sustainability Leadership Team, the advisory body that brings local government leaders, the private sector and community groups together to address growth and development challenges.

NACo President Kyle re-appointed Weiner at NACo's Annual Conference in Phoenix, Arizona in July 2004. “I am honored to be given the opportunity to continue to help lead these important national committees and to try to make a difference on a national level to protect our quality of life,” Weiner said.

Councilman Weiner has now been selected by five successive NACo Presidents to serve in the important, national leadership position of Land Use Chair and by three successive Presidents to serve as Chair of the Sustainability Leadership Team. President Kyle stated in his letter to Weiner, “NACo's strength is in its committees and that strength is reflected in the dedication that I see throughout the steering committee, standing and Ad Hoc committee structure. I am truly excited about our Steering Committee leadership and the opportunity that awaits us this year!”

The National Association of Counties committees form the policy-making arm of the Association. Each committee is comprised of approximately 60-100 county officials who meet several times during the year to examine issues critical to local government. The Environment, Energy and Land Use Steering Committee focuses on air, water and noise pollution; solid and hazardous waste management and disposal; the preservation of proper utilization of water resources; energy; and the use of land resources, including comprehensive planning, coastal zone management, growth management, energy facilities siting and recreation issues.

The NACo Sustainability Leadership Team assists county officials in pursuing development practices, which equally balance the need for economic prosperity, environmental stewardship and social equity. Its mission includes encouraging community and stakeholder collaboration and working with across governmental lines to foster multi-jurisdictional and public-private partnerships for community enhancement.

Robert Weiner has served as Councilman of New Castle County since 1996. He also presided as

Chair of New Castle County Council's Land Use Committee from 1996 until the beginning of
2003. He has authored articles that have appeared in publications throughout Delaware concerning land use issues and regularly speaks to groups concerning these important policy decisions. He is a Delaware attorney and an associate in the litigation department of Fox Rothschild LLP, in Wilmington, DE. His practice consists of personal injury, real estate and business law. He is a 1972 Phi Beta Kappa graduate of University of Delaware and graduated from Temple Law School in 1975.

The National Association of Counties (NACo) is a full-service organization that provides legislative, research, technical and public affairs assistance to county governments. Created in 1935, NACo continues to ensure that the nation’s 3,066 counties are heard and understood in the White House and Congress.


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Latest News:
  Brandywine Hundred County Library is open with socially distancing safe door-to-door delivery takeout service
  Walker's Bank deemed unsafe, will be demolished
  Councilman announces details of redevelopment at former AstraZeneca site
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